Travel Ideas for 2017

Forever and always, I have travel ideas floating around in the furthest recesses of my mind. Sometimes they collect dust in a corner, sometimes they come to fruition with a bit of foresight. For most of us, the struggle is finding that proverbial sweet spot where the rivers of time and money coalesce, and we let their sweet brackish waters wash us over.

Someone once told me, that if you write something down, you are more apt to stay the course, and complete/accomplish it. In keeping with the whole, New Year, rebirth, phoenix rising from the ashes (I don’t think anything burnt down?), huzzah this year is going to be different mentality, I have compiled a list of destinations that have rattled through my mind at some point or another.

For those that are curious, here is my list from last year. And here are some of my personal highlights from what actually happened in 2016. It’s neat to look back, take a breath, and say, “Wow, that did happen.”

Enough staring at the clouds, let’s talk travel!


Cuba – A destination that has eluded me for quite some time. I remember canceling my ticket to “Mexico” in December 2014, and being back in North Carolina when Obama announced that policies between the United States and Cuba would soon be changing. Two years later, and here I am still thinking about it.

Patagonia – A region of South America that seems wild in ways that I have not yet experienced. Having decorated many a drab production office with photos of Torres del Paine, Fitz Roy, and the occasional glacier, the thought of this particular journey excites me very much.

Colombia – Another location that has eluded me. Cuba and Colombia are the only places I’ve ever had plane tickets booked, and I had to pull the plug for one reason or another. Bogota, Medellin, Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona, Cartagena, Cali, the coffee Triangle. Sign me up!

Iran – This is a destination that I see popping up more and more on travel lists this year. The Middle East is a region that I do not begin to pretend to understand the politics of. It feels like a place not many Americans would seek out in their travels, and perhaps that is why it appeals to me.

Transiberian Railroad – Something about traveling overland just feels right. Being able to trace a finger along a map, and know that at some point in time, you’ve physically been there. London to Beijing in 2017? Why not? If I can just figure out this visa process… (also, please cooperate global politics)

China – A country that is insurmountable in size, scope, and scale. I wouldn’t even know where to begin. The most populous nation on earth, clocking in at around 1.3 billion people. It’d probably be good to learn something about it, ya know? Couldn’t hurt.

Australian Road Trip – Perhaps the patron saint of unlimited funds, motorcycles, and/or 4×4 vehicles will descend upon me and bless me with the means to drive around Australia for an extended period of time. Australia is a huge land mass, and the coast and interior both say, come hither.

Southeast Asia – A familiar and well trodden path by many a backpacker. Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore. I’ve never seen it with my own eyes, and I’d like to change that.

Mt. Kilimanjaro – After visiting Mt. Fuji last year, the seed of Mt. Kilimanjaro was planted. I do not consider myself a mountaineer, more as someone who enjoys a strong walk up to the top. Plus, I’ve never set foot on the continent of Africa. Forever looking for an excuse to get myself somewhere…

Terlingua – West Texas is just one of those places, man. Truly, there is something special about it. Maybe it’s the light, maybe it’s the feeling of desolation. Whatever it is, it’s gotten into my brain and won’t let go. I got to visit Marfa last year, and that only made me want to go to Terlingua even more. The border towns along Highway 170 are such a curiosity to me.

Canadian Rockies – North country travel certainly sounds a-okay to me. Maybe it’s this summer that I finally convince some folks to hop in a van and drive northward together, exploring along the way. A shuttle run to Alaska and back down to the lower 48, perhaps?

Close to home – A pleasant reminder that you don’t have to go far away, to have a good time. Explore the region that you live in. Often times there are beautiful experiences living right underneath your nose.


If you ever find yourself floundering around for travel ideas, I recommend taking a look at the UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Need more inspiration and live in the United States? Check out this list of National Parks.




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