Japan: Tokyo, Kyoto, Mt. Fuji, Osaka, Hiroshima

Somewhere in my mind, I’m able to return to that window seat on the Shinkansen. Gazing outward towards the countryside, I can still see it all, feel it all. Entire systems and a way of life, moving past me in haste. The understanding that I am but a visitor, passing through something that is much more complex than I will ever be able to comprehend.

With departure and distance, a certain perspective is granted. For some reason or another, despite thoroughly enjoying my visit to Japan, it’s taken me quite a while to sit down and revisit the brief sliver of time I spent there.

I’ve found myself frustrated in how to best describe the experience. So many of my favorite moments happened during the in between. The moments where the camera is no where to be found, and you are simply present. It’s an odd feeling to sense a moment slipping by, and the desire to capture is there, but something else says, wait, pause, savor this.

This concept does not bode well for the fledgling documenter, especially in an online world that is driven by visual stimuli. Sometimes it feels like a futile effort to take photos, as it will never entirely capture the true essence of what is there. With that said, I continue to try. I encourage you to visit Japan.


Japan Rail, Shinjuku, Tsukiji Fish Market.Meiji Jingu, Godzilla, An elderly couple in Tokyo. Yoyogi Park, Harajuku, Tokyo Skytree. Murakami novels come to life, Akihabara (Electric Town), JaLaLa Cat Cafe. Piss Alley; Harajuku. Shibuya, Tokyo.A familiar alley near my hostel in Tokyo.


Higashi Honganji, Nishiki Market Arashiyama Bamboo Forest.  Fushi Inari Shrine.

Mt. Fuji

Hikers queue to summit Mt. Fuji. Experiencing the sunrise atop Mt. Fuji. Mt. Fuji shrine.Summiting Mt. Fuji. Read a longer version of this experience here.


Dotonbori, Tokoyaki, Glico Man.Dotonbori, side street wanderings. Osaka Castle.


First experiences with Okonomiyaki and Japanese baseball. A favorite memory.Hiroshima Peace Memorial. A reminder.

A return to Tokyo; departure.

Sensō-ji.Farewell for now, Japan. I will return to you, one day.




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