A Year Spent in Motion: 2016.

As this whole passing of time thing continues its unfaltering march towards infinity, I figured why not take a minute to reflect on what all has happened this year. A little notch made on the metaphysical tree bark, if you will, that perhaps some future version of myself might one day find curious.January – Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, TX – Fledgling memories with a new troop of troubadours.February – Rialto Beach – Forks, WA – If I was looking for powerful, I found it.February – Hoh Rainforest – Olympic National Park, WA – Green like I have never seen green before. Verde, verde, verde! Read more here.March – Perez Art Museum – Miami, FL – Oh, so arty. So mysterious. A reminder to be able to laugh at yourself.March – Everglades National Park – South Florida – I still can’t figure out what breed of dog this is. A mystery it shall remain.March – Southernmost Point of the Continental US – Key West, FL – A frigid night spent shivering, and wondering why I ever left home to begin with. Read more here.March – Mallory Square – Key West, FL A group, en masse, clapping when the sun set. The cultural anthropologist in me was both enthralled and disgusted.March – Sydney Opera House – Sydney, New South Wales – After electing to not bring my tripod, I finally asked a real human to do me a solid and capture this moment, ‘cause goshdernit, if I can’t have a down under Koala photo, I want my Sydney Opera House photo!March – Australia & New Zealand – Pack, stack, and unpack. Move. Pack , stack, and unpack. Move. Pack, stack, and unpack. Transportation issue. Delay. Fix. Move. Forever and ever, Amen.March – St. Paul and The Broken Bones – Byron Bay, New South Wales – I’m going to go out on a limb here and say these fellas burnt the goddamn house down. March – Minyon Falls, New South Wales – I will never forget swimming in the pool beneath these falls; watching as the floating, slippery beads, wriggled their way in slow spectral wonder, from sky towards terra firma.April – Cumberland Caverns – McMinnville, TN – On paper, and in practice, I would advise against doing a show in a cave. Just sayin’. April – Lischey Ave -Nashville, TN – Brief moments at home, with a restless mind.April – Soundcheck – Nashville, TN – Forever an education on the road. April – Miami, FL – A reminder that despite perceived opulence, things are not always as they seem.Grace Potter Band & Crew – Spent the better part of 2016 with these amazing people. On a daily basis I was inspired by their gifts and talents. (Tim, way to not be in this photo, dickhead!) I wish I had more photos from the summer months, but there was work to be done! If I wasn’t hunkered down in some nondescript production office, I was safely tucked away in my rumbling, mobile quarters, attempting to recharge. September – Mount Fuji, Japan – “He who climbs Mount Fuji once is a wise man, he who climbs it twice is a fool.” A communal sunrise I will never forget. Read more here.September – Fushi Inari Shrine – Kyoto, Japan – Arigatou gozaimasu!September – Harajuku – Tokyo, Japan – To experience a culture different than your own; I recommend it. September – Arashiyama Forest – Kyoto, Japan – A walk in the woods. The soft pitter patter of rain atop my head.More hotels than I can count. Don’t worry, the hat was immediately removed from the bed. Langhorne taught me better than that.October – Marfa, TX – The curious context and allure of West Texas.October – White Sands National Monument, New Mexico – As far as worthwhile detours go, I’m going to go ahead and toss this one into that stack.October – Hiss Golden Messenger – White Sands, New Mexico – To share an experience; for lives to coincide at a place and time.“How quickly the time passes,” is a phrase that I’m sure many of us have muttered. Forever imperceptible even when we are painfully aware of its departure. I encourage you to use your time. Go forth, and live your life to the fullest, humanoid.




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