Opening for The Rolling Stones



The scene: Exit airport. Sitting alone at the bus stop shortly after 9pm, near Five Points in Nashville, eating my to-go slice of pizza with a thousand yard stare; gently placed back into my human fish tank by some otherworldly hand. Did that just happen? Am I dreaming? No one will believe me.

I’m still processing.

Opening for The Rolling Stones, hands down, is one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had working as a tour manager. To be able to do it not once, but twice, is something I will never forget. Being able to share it with a group of individuals I’ve been through so much with, in such a brief span of time, is nothing short of incredible.

Watching the Stones crew work was an experience all in itself. The crème de la crème of road crews; no egos, and nothing to prove. Only presence, demeanor, and flow.

The above photo was taken moments before The Rolling Stones appeared in the tunnel for a photo-op. Rock n’ roll icons, mere feet away. A fun time to be a fly on the wall.

I can only imagine what will happen next.




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